I hope Neil Young doesn’t sue me. The Donald and the Damage done.

Words made of English
2 min readAug 7, 2022


One of Neil Young’s greatest songs is “The Needle and the Damage Done” which he wrote after losing a close friend to a drug overdose.

After five years and counting of being force-fed the bullshit spread by the Orange psychopath that is Donald Trump, I feel overdosed by the damage he’s done to us all.

Unlike the radicalized and violent base of Trump magats who are addicted to the constant lies and disinformation that is spewed on cue daily from the right-wing echo chamber, we have few options to mitigate the damage he’s done other than truthtelling through activism and art and so far victories have been few and far between.

While listening to Neil the other day I heard “The needle and the damage done” and my songwriting brain kicked in and within minutes I’d rewritten the lyrics as a summary of the Trump years.

I recorded it on my phone and you hear it from the the link at the end of this story.

If you like it send it into the twitfaceinstatictoc universe to be shared. I doubt Neil is the type of guy who would mind but his label might not be so understanding.

It’s not meant to be commercialized unless Neil himself hears it somehow and decides to record it himself as he’s one of the few musicians ever to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said whether anyone likes it or not.

These are the revised lyrics.

“I’ve seen the Donald and the Damage he’s done

A little bit of him in everyone

Oh, Oh. The Damage he’s done.

Are you really surprised

He was compromised

Trying to start a war

Between the races and tribes

Oh, Oh. The Damage he’s done.

Pogo was right

The enemy is Us

But what do you do

When there’s no one to trust

Oh, Oh. The Damage he’s done.

Every time he lies

Someone has to die

A child in a cage

Or on the borderline

Oh, Oh. The Damage he’s done.

The time has come to shut him down

Drown out the sound of the Orange Clown

Oh, Oh. The Damage he’s done.

You can hear my recording here.